Jones County Proves Those Who Know Chris McDaniel Love Him Best

Last night marked history in Mississippi. A 42-year incumbent was beaten. Chris McDaniel finished the night with a plurality of votes. The only bad news is it was not by a wide enough margin to avoid a runoff.
But one positive that has not been reported on is the overwhelming support McDaniel received in his home county. Cochran’s supporters had tried to make false claims that McDaniel’s home base was not happy with him. They tried to down play the crowds at an event held at his Ellisville home and the Sarah Palin rally.
But, after seeing the turnout and support Jones County showed for McDaniel last night, this lie came crashing down. Jones County had a huge turnout in an election where overall turnout was down. McDaniel had 11025 votes cast for him to Cochran’s 1816. That’s 85 percent of the vote, to just 14 for Thad.
This should not be underscored. The fact is Jones County folks know Senator McDaniel best. These are the people McDaniel serves. They clearly know the leadership skills he has shown as their State Senator and have overwhelmingly proven their support with landslides in 2007 and 2011, in addition to 2014.
For all the lies Cochran’s camp has told about Chris McDaniel, this turnout and support should speak volumes to the rest of the state. If McDaniel was the bad guy and the absent senator they claim him to be, then why would those that know him best turn out in such record numbers.
It was their turnout and their support that is allowing this runoff to happen. The rest of the state should take notice.
Meanwhile, Cochran lost one of his base counties, Desoto, overwhelmingly. But McDaniel walked away with the area he serves with a landslide. His home base proved it is with him.
As this election moves forward for the next three weeks, Mississippians across the state should look to Jones County for their answers about Chris McDaniel. If they do, many of the misconceptions being spread about McDaniel can be laid to rest.
The people of Jones County know Chris McDaniel. They go to church with him and they have supported him from day one. Not a single false attack ad influenced anyone in Jones County. These are the very people that know the real Chris McDaniel.
And judging from the support he received last night you can tell they love their State Senator and approve of his job performance. Let us all hope and pray the rest of Mississippi follows Jones County’s lead.