Desperation Alert: Thad Cochran Courts Liberal Democrats

Desperate to shake up his failing campaign, Senator Cochran is courting liberal Democrats in the Republican run-off for the U.S. Senate race, according to a recent Politico article.
According to Politico, Cochran’s run-off strategy “will involve reaching out to casual voters – including independents and Democrats – to swell the electorate with Mississippians who may not have participated in this week’s first round of voting.”
“After 41 years of voting for bigger government and liberal policies, it is sad but not surprising that Senator Cochran is attempting to court liberal Democrats in a desperate attempt to win a Republican primary,” McDaniel said. “For years, Mississippi Republicans have fought against the liberal Democratic policies of bigger government and higher taxes. Mississippi Republicans deserve better than a liberal D.C. career politician tarnishing the Republican ideals.”
This is the second time, Senator Cochran’s campaign has used his liberal voting record to try desperately to win Democratic votes. A couple of days before the June 3rd primary, a pro-Cochran group illegally placed an ad highlighting Sen. Cochran’s big-government liberal voting record, including highlighting Cochran’s ability to deliver federal dollars to SNAP recipients and to HBCUs.
The group has not filed the appropriate paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission and fails to comply with federal election disclosure requirements.
In addition to Politico, other newspapers have reported on Senator Cochran’s desperate strategy:
New York Times: Incumbent in Mississippi Runoff Aims for More Than Just G.O.P. Votes
“Senator Thad Cochran’s supporters opened Mississippi’s Republican Senate runoff on Wednesday by signaling that they would treat the race like a general election and seek the votes of Democrats and independents during the three-week campaign against State Senator Chris McDaniel.”
The Daily Caller: Thad Cochran’s Plan B: Woo Democrats
“Sen. Thad Cochran’s campaign seem to have come up with an unorthodox theory for winning the June 24 runoff election: If you can’t win the game with the current electoral universe, change the universe.”