Robert Foster’s Democrat Bailouts for Unions and Medicaid Make Him the Consummate Insider

Robert Foster backs Medicaid expansion in Mississippi.

Robert Foster also backs massive taxpayer-funded bail-ins for Mississippi’s failed schools.

Yet Robert Foster is touring the state claiming he’s a conservative.

Despite the bold claim that he is an outsider who doesn’t owe anyone any favors, two of his campaign platform’s most prominent planks tell a different story.

Entrenched health care interests associated primarily with national Democrat politicians have been pushing for a government bailout of the flagging Medicaid system for ages. (Foster’s daddy is a doctor.)

So, Foster says, he wants to expand Medicaid.

And Democrat politicians and unions have been pushing against school choice and vouchers for decades, aiming to hold parents hostage to a failed educational system.

In turn, Democrat union and teachers’ association members are able to funnel increasingly large sums of taxpayer dollars to finance their far left Democrat agenda items.

Well, Foster wants to give more money to those Democrat entities with promises of more candy for the teacher lobby.

In a gubernatorial debate, Foster said “Teachers should get a raise every year until their salaries match the southeast average.”

Letting Jackson dictate pay for every county across the state doesn’t sound very conservative to our ear.

“It has not been a priority of our leadership down (in Jackson) at all,” Foster said of teacher pay.

On Medicaid, Foster sounds equally liberal.

His position, as he explained it in the debate, is that a version of Medicaid expansion is necessary to help fund struggling rural hospitals, and assist poor people who lack coverage.

Foster was hesitant to call Medicaid expansion “expansion,” and instead characterized his new entitlement as “reform.”

He also deployed the “But he did it too, mama!” excuse, pointing out that other Republican states also passed coverage expansion plans.

Pretty poor excuse if you ask us.

We here at Mississippi Conservative Daily won’t bother publishing Foster’s social media propaganda — you’ve probably seen it.

But it seems clear his claims to be conservative are just that — Propaganda.