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Brian Perry Keeps Making Himself Look Foolish

Brian Perry, the poor choice for a spokesperson for the Fake “Mississippi Conservatives” Super PAC once again shows he is either severely lacking in his intellectual prowess or he’s simply […]

Emmerich: Cochran vs. McDaniel, Pork vs. Ideology

WYATT EMMERICH: Will Cochran vs. McDaniel be a tipping point for voters? “The race between Chris McDaniel and Thad Cochran for U.S. senator is crystallizing Mississippi’s great political irony. Mississippi […]

Thad Cochran Has a Long History of Backing A Federal Takeover of Education

Despite his supporters and their attempt to distort the truth, Thad Cochran was one of the original supporters of the Common Core legislation that is currently plaguing public schools across […]

The “Professor” of Intolerance: USM’s Kate Greene

On Monday night, March 3, Senator Chris McDaniel spoke to students in the Political Science Department at the University of Southern Mississippi in an event organized by Pi Sigma Alpha, […]

Does Henry Barbour’s Super PAC for Thad Cochran Put Him in Violation of GOP Executive Committee Rules?

Henry Barbour is not keeping it a secret he is behind the Super PAC for Thad Cochran. Barbour, nephew of former governor Haley Barbour, also is on the Republican National […]